Craft your own hol­i­day dé­cor with these DIY painted sign projects. BUF­FALO PRINT Deer Head Sign


NOTH­ING SPREADS HOL­I­DAY CHEER QUITE LIKE A CHRIST­MAS GREET­ING. Spread these good tid­ings to your guests by cre­at­ing a piece of hol­i­day dé­cor to dis­play on your wall or table! Wooden signs are a pop­u­lar hol­i­day fea­ture, but they can get pretty pricey. Here are a few signs you can make your­self to add a per­sonal touch to your in­te­ri­ors and save a lit­tle money.

What You’ll Need:

• Amer­i­cana Decor® Chalky Fin­ish™ Paint

• Car­bon (ADC29)

• Rouge (ADC07)


• Sand­pa­per

• Flat brush

• Pain­ter’s tape

• Sil­hou­ette elec­tronic cut­ting ma­chine (or hand­made or store-bought sten­cil)

• Wooden sign

• Deer head sten­cil

What You’ll Do:

1. Cut out the pat­tern us­ing your cut­ting ma­chine or make one your­self by print­ing out your pat­tern or shape from your com­puter and cut­ting along the lines.

2. Paint the in­side of the whole sten­cil with the Rouge paint and let it dry.

3. Ap­ply pain­ter’s tape in hor­i­zon­tal strips, spac­ing them evenly down the sten­cil.

4. Cre­ate the first darker check color by com­bin­ing Rouge with a bit of Car­bon (this will be your light­est mixed shade). Paint the non-taped ar­eas of the sten­cil and let them dry. Then re­move the tape.

5. Ap­ply pain­ter’s tape again, in even ver­ti­cal strips this time.

6. Us­ing the same method as be­fore, mix your sec­ond check color, adding a bit more Car­bon to the Rouge for a darker shade. Paint the non-taped ar­eas within the sten­cil and let them dry (do not re­move the tape this time).

7. Reap­ply the hor­i­zon­tal tape in the same po­si­tion as be­fore, only this time, you’ll ap­ply it di­rectly on top of the ver­ti­cal tape.

Use Car­bon to paint in­side the squares and let it dry.

8. Care­fully re­move the tape and lightly sand the top to get a dis­tressed look.

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