Flea Market Décor

Magic Makeovers

- Kathryn Drury Wagner Editor

WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD MAKEOVER? Before-and-afters are the basis of hit TV shows like Fixer Upper and Trading Spaces. New hairdos, wardrobes and makeup ideas are a staple in women’s magazines and for those insanely popular Youtube tutorials. And don’t forget film’s famous makeover, when Grease good girl Sandy is suddenly all, “Tell me about it, stud!” wearing Lycra and red heels at the school fair. Whoa, Sandy! Can you really eat carnival food in those pants? But I digress.

The amazing power of transforma­tion is especially important to those of us who love flea-market and other vintage delights. It’s so inspiring to come home with a cool new find and start immediatel­y rearrangin­g a tablescape, shelf or entire room to work with it. And it’s so satisfying to see something that was once unloved, and through the power of a little paint, new knobs or elbow grease, be restored. The ability to see what might be, rather than what is in front of us, is the key to creative decorating. (You’ll find out as you read through this issue, it’s also the key to getting a great deal in real estate.)

So cheers to all you dreamers, visionarie­s and Diyers. You may be wielding a nail gun instead of lip liner, but your flea-market makeovers make the world a more beautiful place.


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