Flea Market Décor


- PHOTOS BY REBECCA LOPEZ Note: For more of Rebecca’s tutorials, visit thecrafted­sparrow.com.

What You’ll Need:

• 3 wood blocks (these are from Michaels)

• Paint in red, green and white

• Foam brushes

• Small paintbrush or pencil

What You’ll Do:

1. Create a white wash mixture using ½ cup water and 1 tablespoon of white paint. (Feel free to add more paint if it’s looking too thin.)

2. Apply a couple coats of the white wash to the wood blocks on all sides and let them dry.

3. Create a stencil for the letters “J” and “Y” and a small wreath for the letter “O”. You could also freehand the letters or draw them with a pencil first.

4. If you have a stencil, use your foam brushes to gently dab the paint over each stencil.

5. Using the tip of a paintbrush or a pencil, dip either into the red paint to create berry dots on the wreath.

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