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SHOP FLEA MARKETS and your favorite vintage shops in October, November and December.

KELLY SAYS, “That’s the sweet spot! I hit the flea markets and vintage shops in addition to garage sales, thrift stores and retailers like Tuesday Morning.”

BUT ALSO HEAD OUT RIGHT AFTER THE HOLIDAY! Kelly always ventures out after December 25th to snag post-christmas deals.

CURATE COLLECTION­S. To maximize her shopping, Kelly has a few collection­s she can add to every year. “For example, I’m on the lookout all year round for Santas, reindeer, mini trees and specific ornaments.”

HAVE A FLEXIBLE VISION. Sometimes it’s a good idea to work with the same setup for your existing décor. “I don’t like to move nails or pound new ones into the walls for my gallery hangings,” Kelly says. “So I work to find the right-sized art I need—and the challenge is half the fun!”

YULETIDE IS BAKING SEASON. Kelly says, “I love the aroma of baking cookies, candies, pies and breads during Christmast­ime.” Like the rest of her home, her kitchen is petite—but is just the right size for her. “I’m an empty nester so the space works for me,” she says. Kelly easily layers in her festive décor over her pre-existing pieces. On her wall of plates, artwork and bunting, she mixes in a cherry-cheeked Santa plate and a berry wreath. She starts out with a basic plan for her wall hangings, saying, “I begin with a core arrangemen­t but invariably keep adding more around the edges.”

bed, and Kelly filled them with gift wrap and bags. When on the bed, she has a good view of the rest of her home, and she says, “It’s common for me to be lying in the bed reading and for a vignette across the room to get on my nerves. I’ll tear it apart and put it back in a new arrangemen­t. Other times, it’s a small tweak and I’m back to bed!”

Despite the space’s tight quarters, it has endearing details like a fireplace mantel surroundin­g the heating unit. It’s an ideal place for Kelly to showcase her creativity and, during Yuletide, it’s just the right spot to hang stockings and display old Christmas greeting cards. “When I design a vignette for this area, I always start from the bottom with stuff like faux snow and twinkle lights,” Kelly says. “Then I add larger pieces, such as candlestic­ks, followed by softer things like greenery.” Her last move is to add in smaller pieces. For this vignette, she placed a rustic style calendar—set to December 25th, of course—atop the mantel next to Bingo cards she found at a scrapbooki­ng store. After she finishes a vignette, Kelly steps back to take it in and often snaps a photo. “It reveals so much,” she says. “I then move things around until they feel just right.”

Kelly’s décor is a lively and inspiring study in decorating a small space without turning to minimalism. “I mix in everything,” she says. “And, at the end of the day, the most important thing to me is being surrounded by items that remind me of my childhood or those of my sons.”

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