Flea Market Décor

A fresh start

- Kristin Dowding, Editor

EVERY YEAR, I MAKE IT A POINT TO CLEAN OUT MY JUNK DRAWER—THE one miscellane­ous things work their way into to sit for an entire year like junk mail, dead batteries, dried-out pens, hair ties, grocery lists and coupons. Every home has one, and I like to start off each year with plunging into that black hole to throw away what’s not needed and arrange the rest.

It’s crazy how just that little bit of organizati­on can make it easier to breathe when I look for a pen or pad of paper. That’s why this issue is filled with storage, display and purging ideas to bring you some guidance with a collector’s version of spring cleaning!

The new year is the perfect time to make space for new holiday goodies and give your house a once-over to really determine which pieces bring you joy.

Speaking of which, after working on the holiday issue, I am thrilled to be taking over Flea Market

Décor as Editor! I promise to pack every issue with inspiring interiors, upcycling ideas and, of course, the best flea markets throughout the country.

In this issue, we have a shopping guide to help organize your closet (page 26), a garage workshop makeover completed with reclaimed pieces (page 20) and upcycling ideas for old treasures (page 124). Get advice from profession­al organizers (pages 8, 24 and 114), explore beautiful antiques shops (10 and 122) and tour incredible vintagefil­led interiors (28, 44, 58, 74, 88, 100 and 114). We’re also excited to announce that this year,

Flea Market Décor has teamed up with Dixie Belle Paint Company to develop our own paint line (see page 6 to get to know our new partner)!

So take it easy, work in baby steps and don’t give up. Your can achieve a home that’s both relaxing and junky; just take it one drawer at a time. Happy organizing!

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