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An online vintage-wares shop brings the excitement of shopping for antiques to the comfort of your home.


THE THRILL OF THE HUNT IS HALF THE FUN OF SHOPPING FOR VINTAGE ITEMS, but there are only so many fleas and thrift stores in your area. Vintage wares will vary from state to state, and a whole world of new possibilit­ies can open up to you with online shopping. For shop co-owners Kayla and Matt Devito and their friend Teresa Stanfield of Old Grace Gathering Collection, their vintage-wares online stop is about more than making a sale. “I found that many people adore vintage and antiques but don’t know how to find unique pieces or put them together,” says Kayla. “I wanted Old Grace to be a beacon of light for those who may need a little direction.”

They carry a wide selection of vintage goods, such as brass with aged patinas, mismatched candlestic­ks, one-of-a-kind kilim pillows, antique original artworks, stoneware, clothing, books and circa1910 jewelry (her previous shop that sold vintage handmade jewelry). “We provide a curated collection of wares that all work together. Your dream home can literally be delivered to your door, and all at a fraction of what home wares would cost at a retail shop,” says Kayla.

To stock her shop, Kayla explores antiques shops and flea markets on road trips with her husband, but she’s also developed relationsh­ips with local dealers who will sometimes save special pieces for her. “I have an incredible roster of the most lovely humans who deal their antiques to me directly,” she says. “I first began buying antique jewelry from them years ago for circa1910, and now they hold all of their best home wares for me, too.”

To go beyond making homes beautiful, Kayla also ensures her business is making a difference

in people’s lives. “I began circa1910 as a way to honor my mom who is currently battling (and winning) in the war against breast cancer for the second time,” says Kayla. “I’ve always wanted to own a business that does something to help others, so we choose non-profits that are near and dear to our hearts to donate a percentage of sales to.”

So if you’re short on time, don’t have the means to travel or need some help in the vintage department, Old Grace Gathering Collection is the place to get your fix.

“Purchasing pre-loved treasures

is the gift that keeps on giving.”

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