Flea Market Décor

Clear the Clutter

Easy and functional organizati­on tips to make the most out of your space


SOME PEOPLE SWEAR BY CLUTTER AND CLAIM THAT THERE’S A METHOD TO THE MADNESS, but even just a little bit of organizati­on can transform your home. At first glance, this space doesn’t look like a hub of tidiness, but a closer look reveals a variety of organizati­onal techniques that effortless­ly double as décor.

Do you have any paintings or pictures hanging around that need a home? All you need is a couple unused hangers and some thumbtacks to create your own personaliz­ed gallery! This organizati­on tip will dress up any empty wall in your home and create minimal wall damage, which makes it ideal for renters. Art is meant to be appreciate­d, so rather than stuffing it into a drawer to be forgotten about, put it on display!

You can’t deny how easy it is to lose your bracelets. Get a bracelet rack and stack them all together so you always know where they are, and have a beautiful, eclectic display to help you choose which one to wear!

Never underestim­ate the power of a bookshelf to help you stay tidy. There are so many different ways to organize your books to keep them in good condition (spine out/in, by color, by author, vertically/horizontal­ly). Not much of a reader? A bookshelf is a convenient space to display anything from plants to pictures or even shoes.

Get hooked on hooks! They’re extremely versatile and can be used all over your home. You can use them in a room to hang hats, bags, coats and jewelry, in the kitchen to hang coffee mugs or in the bathroom for towels.

This small space is filled with organizati­on hacks that not only maximize utility, but also serve as eye-candy. Everything has a purpose and a place, which makes it stress-free to find what you’re looking for, so you can move through your day with ease.

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