Flea Market Décor

Simple Solutions

3 tips to turn vintage items into useful storage solutions


STORAGE OPTIONS ARE EXPANDING, AND FLEA MARKET ENTHUSIAST­S are using anything and everything to store their treasures in their home. Here are a few ways to upgrade an item so it’s suitable for your storage needs.

CAMOUFLAGE. If you have a storage piece with holes or slats, and you don’t want the inside showing, simply attach some decorative fabric to the inside of the door. Your things will stay hidden, but the original texture and look of the piece will remain the same.

PAINT. Is your trunk looking worn or too plain for your taste? Spruce it up with a new paint color, or paint on a pattern such as polka dots, stars or scripted quotes. Use fabric paint for cloth-covered trunks and furniture paint for wooden trunks (see page 6).

COVER. Anything can be used for storage—even a trash can. Simply cover the surface with paper or fabric with an appealing design, and you have a decorative bin. Use the lid to hide your storage or take the lid off to hold taller items, such as wrapping paper, umbrellas or wood scraps.

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