Flea Market Décor



As cities develop, urban planners tend to build upward rather than outward, maximizing space and height. Chi follows the same principle. But instead of cramming lots of people into one building, it’s collection­s and plants that she moves upward. “I like to make sure that I’m using all my space,” Chi explains. It’s easy to overlook all the space on your ceiling. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. MAKE SOME NOISE. Hang a collection of similar treasures, or make a splash with mix-and-matched miscellane­ous items. Create a mobile using lightweigh­t items and some wire. Turn it into an eclectic wind chime with swinging percussive pieces.

2. GET CREATIVE. Don’t get bogged down in the question of whether something has been done before. If it can be done, do it! “I literally throw up anything I think might work up against the wall,” Chi says. “I throw random baskets or ladles or spoons [up there].” Why not show your ceilings some love and put some quirky curios up there, too?

3. BELIEVE IN MAGIC. Use an invisible cord to create the illusion that your props are floating. Chi constructe­d an enchanting display with several overturned parasols.

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