Flea Market Décor


Learn how to welcome GREENERY INTO YOUR FLEA-MARKET style home.


Chi Yang inherited her love of plants from her parents, who are Laotian farmers. “My mom’s backyard is like a jungle,” she says. Now that she has a home of her own, Chi invites nature into every room.


For Chi, plants are “like pets and kids.” And like family members, plants need to be taken care of. Before you purchase a green friend, make sure that you can maintain the right environmen­t for it. Pay special attention to lighting and climate requiremen­ts. If you can’t accommodat­e a certain variety, you may want to consider investing in a synthetic plant instead.


If you’re a novice planter, “start with hanging plants,” Chi recommends. “Those are always so easy to grow. They don’t need much light, and you barely have to water them.” One of the easiest plants to work with? Snake plants. They’re versatile creatures that don’t need a whole lot of maintenanc­e. Air plants are also “pretty easy to grow” and don’t require soil. Simply mist them from time to time.


Plants may be known for putting down roots, but they can also make movable decoration­s. “My plants are constantly moving because I have to water them, and I need the soil to dry quickly,” Chi says. “I use them all the time for my photograph­y projects.”

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