Mus­tang Cur­tains

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The other day I was read­ing about Mus­tangs, and the pi­lot was talk­ing about some­thing called “aileron cur­tains.” I’ve asked a num­ber of pi­lots here at the lo­cal air­port and none of them knew what he is talk­ing about; in fact, one said he was cer­tain the old guy was mak­ing things up. What say you? Dan Niehart, Ok­i­boji, Iowa

Ha! No one has men­tioned those to me for years. Mus­tangs had a fab­ric gap seal be­tween the nose of the aileron and the spar. Those were called “cur­tains,” and when they de­te­ri­o­rated and leaked, the ailerons got heavy.—BD

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