The Sci­ence of Flight

Taught by Pro­fes­sor James W. Gre­gory THE OHIO STATE UNIVER­SITY

Flight Journal - - EDITORIAL -


1. Fun­da­men­tals of Flight: Glid­ing 2. Bal­loons, Buoy­ancy, and the At­mos­phere 3. Take­off: How Wings Pro­duce Lift 4. Drag Trade-Offs and Bound­ary-Layer Turbulence 5. Stall Events and Lift-In­duced Drag 6. Wind Tunnels and Pre­dict­ing Aero­dy­nam­ics 7. Pro­pel­ler Air­craft: Slow and Ef­fi­cient 8. Jet Air­craft: Thrust to Fly Fast 9. Air­craft Struc­tures and Ma­te­ri­als 10. Air­craft Sta­bil­ity and Flight Con­trol 11. Fly­ing Faster and Higher 12. Break­ing the Sound Bar­rier and Beyond 13. Long-Dis­tance Flight and Pre­dict­ing Range 14. Aerobatics and Dog­fight­ing 15. Mis­sion Pro­files and Air­craft De­sign 16. Pri­mary Cock­pit In­stru­ments 17. Air Traf­fic Nav­i­ga­tion and Communication 18. Flight Au­ton­omy and Drones 19. He­li­copters and Ver­ti­cal Flight 20. Rocket Sci­ence and the Evo­lu­tion of Launch 21. Or­bit­ing Earth Means Al­ways Fall­ing 22. To Mars and Beyond: Grav­ity-As­sist Flight 23. At­mo­spheric Reen­try: Bal­lis­tic, Skip, Glide 24. The Fu­ture of Air and Space Flight


1. Bonus Ma­te­rial: Gus­tave Eif­fel’s Wind Tunnels 2. Bonus Ma­te­rial: Engi­neer­ing Faster Flight Speeds 3. Bonus Ma­te­rial: Why the Wright Flyer Suc­ceeded 4. Bonus Ma­te­rial: The Wright Broth­ers’ In­no­va­tions 5. Bonus Ma­te­rial: Higher, Far­ther, Faster

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