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The Class of ’45 is unlike most of the other organizati­ons on this list in that it is built around just two aircraft: the F4U-4 Corsair known as Korean War Hero, and a P-51D Mustang named Quick Silver. Both planes were built in 1945 (hence the name), and according to the founders, the idea for Class of ’45 came about when the pilots of the Corsair and Mustang (Jim Tobul and Scott Yoak, respective­ly) were watching practice flights at the 2013 Wings over North Georgia event. They had a stroke of inspiratio­n—why not perform a formation flight together to honor the history of both the planes themselves and the Air Force and Navy personnel who originally flew and maintained them! Since then, the inspiratio­n has expanded to formation demonstrat­ions at more than a dozen events per season, where fans of these immaculate­ly prepared warbirds can see them in all their glory.

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