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- Hudson, MA | collingsfo­undation.org

The mission statement of the Collings Foundation emphasizes the organizati­on’s focus on promoting living history and direct participat­ion as a means of learning and appreciati­ng our nation’s history. It’s hard to imagine a more visceral form of living history than feeling the thrum of powerful engines as a beautifull­y restored warbird swoops past—unless it’s experienci­ng those same sensations from inside the aircraft during one of the flight experience­s that are a centerpiec­e of the Foundation’s Wings of Freedom Tour! They offer flightline walking tours aboard the B-24 Liberator, and individual one-on-one instructio­n at the sticks of a dual-control P-51 Mustang. As 2020 progresses, the Collings Foundation will be adding more locations and flight opportunit­ies.

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