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I enjoyed your fine article on the GEICO Skytypers in the April 2020 issue of Flight Journal. Regarding the team’s SNJs, I have a question: The team’s aircraft are billed as being SNJ-2 models, but Skytyper No. 4 has the more triangular rudder of a later model SNJ. This begs the question, is this actually a later model SNJ, or an SNJ-2 that has been fitted with a rudder from a later model SNJ? I enjoy your magazine immensely. Please keep pumping such interestin­g articles.—J. J. Burgmeier

J.J., You do have a good eye! According to the Air Show Team’s commanding officer, Larry Arken, you are correct. The No. 4 plane is indeed a later model SNJ filling in for the SNJ-2 that was down for maintenanc­e while this particular aerial photo shoot was flown. —GY

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