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Fighter Aces Monday—Eddie Rickenback­er


We recently found online a colorized photograph of WW I American fighter ace Capt. Eddie Rickenback­er, with his famous SPAD XIII (Flickr/Rui Candeias). We highlighte­d it as one of our weekly “Hey, check out this photo” posts, and many of you took notice. Here are just a few of your comments.

Jerry Cross:

I just finished his autobiogra­phy he wrote in 1966. Very good and easy read.

Alexander Piela:

I built a model of the SPAD XIII in my teens. One of my favorites!

Kirk Walker:

Did Rickenback­er fly with the Lafayette Escadrille?

Eric Blatter:

No, Rickenback­er flew in the 94th Aero Squadron (Hat in the Ring), which was an American unit.

Eric Blatter:

I might be incorrect, but I believe the Lafayette Escadrille was disbanded once the U.S. entered the war. All the American pilots went into the American Army Air Service. [Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918. On February 8, 1918 the LE was disbanded, and its American members were inducted into the U.S. Air Service as members of the newly formed 103rd Aero Squadron. - Ed.]

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