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North American F-100 Super Sabre



If I’m not mistaken, it held the speed record (822 mph) for a while! [On August 20, 1955, an F-100C set a supersonic world speed record of 822.135 mph. That record was broken on March 10, 1956 by a British Fairey Delta 2 at 1,132 mph. - Ed.]

Jim Schreiber:

You never wanted to get nose up too much with little speed on takeoff—disaster, and it had an aileron problem that in certain conditions would turn aircraft in the opposite direction from what was put into the controls. Also, the afterburne­r was not hugely reliable. Other than those few items, it was a pretty airplane.

Tom Palmer:

While I was stationed at White Sands Missile Range, I happened to be monitoring Biggs AFB frequencie­s (El Paso) and heard an F-100 cleared for takeoff. Twenty minutes later, I heard the pilot requesting permission to land at Phoenix. I was duly impressed!

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