Flight Journal



This was published in a Washington newspaper on May 12, 1945:

“In 25 minutes, over Okinawa, seven ‘plane-aminute’ pilots ran up the highest recorded score for a Marine Squadron in aerial combat. They shot down 24 3/4 Jap planes with no losses of their own. The Marine Corps explains how they did it. In 15 minutes, Major Jefferson D. Dorroh made six confirmed kills. Five enemy aircraft were shot down by Major George C. Axtell Jr. and Lt. Jeremiah J. O’Keefe. In ten seconds, Lt. Normand T. Theriault knocked down two Japs and 30 seconds later, Lt. Edward L. Abner got two more kills. Lt. William L. Hood got 3.5 confirmed kills followed by Lt. Charles S. Allen, who shot down one more and in addition, damaged several more and scored three probable kills.”

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