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Stephen Pope's col­umn in which he posed the ques­tion "Do Mil­len­ni­als Want to Learn to Fly?" [Novem­ber] was right on. I agree with all your points as to what could be done to help change the sit­u­a­tion when it conies to costs as well as mak­ing learn­ing more ex­cit­ing. I be­lieve the thrill is gone when it conies to fly­ing as viewed through the eyes of our youth to­day. Right now, we're in a Catch-22 sit­u­a­tion with flight schools. Fewer cus­tomers means less rev­enue, and less rev­enue means we can't up­grade the flight schools' air­craft or ad­ver­tise and mar­ket to mil­len­ni­als that fly­ing is a great ad­ven­ture! Seems like we've en­tered a flat spin. How­ever, if we think like mil­len­ni­als, we may be able to get their at­ten­tion. For in­stance, with vir­tual re­al­ity now at a rea­son­able price point, adapt­ing flight-sim­u­la­tion soft­ware to these new VR in­ter­faces could have a pos­i­tive im­pact and build in­ter­est in fly­ing. We've seen tremen­dous changes in the com­puter in­dus­try over the past 40 years, but not in train­ing at a good many flight schools. What's wrong with this pic­ture? Thanks for the ar­ti­cle. It made me think!

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