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WHAT IT IS: Garmin’s sim­plest and least ex­pen­sive op­tion for ba­sic 2020 com­pli­ance.

WHAT’S TO LIKE: Its low price and easy installation process make this a great choice for air­craft own­ers who will re­main be­low 18,000 feet and stay in the United States, and who don’t need ADS-B In ca­pa­bil­ity. It comes with a re­mote­mount 987 MHz UAT out­put and built-in WAAS GPS re­ceiver that con­nects to an air­plane’s ex­ist­ing Mode A/C transpon­der and an­tenna ca­bling for a straight­for­ward and rel­a­tively pain­less installation.

LIST PRICE: $1,795

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