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A closer look at Levil Avi­a­tion’s Broad­cast­ing Outer Mod­ule (BOM)

Levil Avi­a­tion’s Broad­cast­ing Outer Mod­ule (BOM) re­sem­bles a tiny radar pod when in­stalled be­neath the wing of an air­craft. The BOM wire­lessly trans­mits a va­ri­ety of flight in­for­ma­tion to the cock­pit for use by iOS and An­droid tablets and other de­vices. The pod con­tains a WAAS GPS sen­sor for air­craft po­si­tion in­for­ma­tion, an AHRS for at­ti­tude and head­ing, an ADS-B In traf­fic and weather re­ceiver, an­gle-of-at­tack in­for­ma­tion, a pitot tube for de­rived wind speed and di­rec­tion, and flight data log­ging. The BOM in­cludes an ad­di­tional heated pitot source for air­speed in­for­ma­tion. Be­cause the BOM is not a re­quired sys­tem, it can be in­stalled as a safety backup.

The BOM re­quires no hard wiring to the cock­pit, not even for a power source thanks to the de­vice’s slip­stream-pow­ered gen­er­a­tor that charges the on­board bat­tery. The pi­lot can’t even for­get to turn the unit on or off be­cause it pow­ers it­self on and off au­to­mat­i­cally by sens­ing the vi­bra­tion of the en­gine.

The unit can be at­tached be­neath the wing of any air­craft with a top speed of no more than 210 knots. The BOM weighs just 1 pound, and mea­sures 10 inches long and 3.7 inches tall. The sys­tem is also de­liv­ered with an 8-gi­ga­byte SD card for record­ing thou­sands of hours of flight data.

In­clud­ing ADS-B In ca­pa­bil­ity, the BOM lists for about $2,000 at

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