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Thanks to Les for a thought-pro­vok­ing col­umn [“One Emer­gency at a Time,” Au­gust]. It brought to mind the ar­ti­cle “Nor­mal­iza­tion of Deviance,” which ref­er­ences the NASA Chal­lenger ac­ci­dent and is eas­ily found by search­ing on the in­ter­net. The short mes­sage is that just be­cause some­thing hasn’t hap­pened yet doesn’t mean it won’t hap­pen. I am in full agree­ment with Les’ po­si­tion on train­ing for the un­ex­pected. Thank you for your ar­ti­cles, Les. Al­ways an in­ter­est­ing read.

Paul J. Cusumano via email

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