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Pi­la­tus chose FlightSafety In­ter­na­tional as the train­ing provider for the PC-24 type rat­ing. The ini­tial type­r­at­ing course runs 18 days and uses FlightSafety’s Op­er­a­tional Day Flow con­cept. It puts pi­lots in a vir­tual cock­pit from day one, us­ing desk­top train­ers that help teach the op­er­a­tions and sys­tems of the air­plane through flight sce­nar­ios. Pi­lots tran­si­tion to a graph­i­cal flight sim­u­la­tor — a full graph­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the air­plane that serves as a cock­pit and sys­tems trainer.

The most re­al­is­tic train­ing hap­pens in the full-mo­tion level-D qual­i­fied sim­u­la­tor, which teaches pi­lots to fly the air­plane and get pre­pared for sce­nar­ios that would be too dan­ger­ous to prac­tice in the air­plane, such as a cat­a­strophic en­gine fail­ures on take­off. The PC-24 au­to­mat­i­cally pro­vides 50 pounds of rud­der pressure into the failed en­gine, though a lop­sided work­out is still re­quired to keep the air­plane fly­ing.

FlightSafety of­fers the PC-24 pro­gram at its train­ing fa­cil­ity in Dal­las. A sec­ond level-D sim­u­la­tor is in con­struc­tion at FlightSafety’s man­u­fac­tur­ing fa­cil­ity in Tulsa, Ok­la­homa. It will go to the FlightSafety Learn­ing Cen­ter in Paris, which is ex­pected to start of­fer­ing the PC-24 type-rat­ing pro­gram by the end of next year.

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