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Thank you, Pia [Bergqvist], for your fine article, [“SkyCourier Visits Oshkosh,” October]. In September 2001, while I was a Caravan sales administra­tor, my boss, John Doman—then-director of Caravan sales—asked me to prepare a “white paper” on Caravan freight operations in the US to gain a better understand­ing of current operationa­l practices and gain a grasp of what operators would change or improve in the Caravan. I personally visited four Caravan operators, including FedEx in Memphis, [Tennessee,] and contacted an additional five operators by phone. I learned at that time that FedEx was talking with OEMs here and abroad about the next express package freighter that would carry four SSA containers. John Doman’s instincts 20 years ago were correct. I was told that FedEx was planning to make a decision on a new aircraft in spring 2002. Some things take longer. Mike Moore via email

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