Whether you fly with an app open on your device or you just pull it out from time to time to take pictures or video, we’re all flying with a smartphone or tablet. Your first decision: Do you want a portable mount that moves with you between aircraft, or do you prefer a more permanent installati­on that is aircraft-specific?

Some pilots prefer a minimalist approach and use a hook-and-eyesecured strap around the leg with rubberized clamps or a pivoting, leather-covered base—such as the ASA iPad rotating kneeboard, at $49.95. The RAM series of mounts runs the gamut between more portable solutions, such as the suctioncup mount for the iPad (starting at $52.95 at Sporty’s Pilot Shop), which attaches to a windscreen, and the claw mount (starting at $66.95 at Sporty’s), which attaches to a yoke’s shaft or an exposed tube in the aircraft structure.

Want to go top-of-the-line with a more permanent installati­on? Take a look at MyGoFlight’s iPadmounti­ng systems, which use machined metal constructi­on and a means of mounting the tablet that ensures all the controls are accessible. Retail prices start at $124 for the iPad case with elastic strap.

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