While ADS-B can be an incredible tool on the flight deck, it needs to be incorporat­ed well into a pilot’s good old-fashioned VFR scanning technique. Here are a few tips on how to do that:


Before you approach the holdshort line for takeoff, scan base and final for any traffic on those segments. Then, take a look at the traffic display to find any targets that are in the traffic pattern to back up your visual scan.


After takeoff, lower the nose briefly around 500 feet agl to check for oncoming traffic.


Once you’ve departed the pattern, ensure that the traffic display is set to the appropriat­e range ring for your phase of flight. Recheck this periodical­ly.


Use your outside scan generously and your inside scan judiciousl­y; let one trigger the other so you are not favoring either exclusivel­y. What does that mean? When you check for traffic on the display, back it up with a full left-to-right scan outside. When you scan outside, back it up with a quick check of the display.

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