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Want to improve your home pizza game? We asked some experts for their best advice.


“Finish your pizza with a little special something after baking. Some of my favorite toppers include fresh herbs like basil or cilantro, honey, chopped nuts, kimchi and arugula tossed with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and olive oil.”

—Ann Kim

Pizzeria Lola, Minneapoli­s

“When using a pizza stone, try to dust it with cornmeal to prevent the pizza from sticking—and to make cleanup easier.”

—Que Wimberly The Missing Brick, Indianapol­is

“Add a browning agent, like honey or a low diastatic malt powder, to your dough. Anything that helps it caramelize in the oven will make it taste even better.”

—Tony Gemignani

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco

“People think New York

City water makes good pizza dough, but the secret is not where the water comes from— it’s the temperatur­e. When the air is colder, use slightly warmer water to manage the fermentati­on. When the air is warmer, use slightly colder water.”

—Noel Brohner Slow Rise Pizza Co., Los Angeles

“Choose your ingredient­s according to the flavors you like. If you like a sweeter sauce, pick sweet tomatoes and cook the sauce to bring out the sweetness. If you’re like me and like an acidic sauce, then the best method is just to crush and season the tomatoes.”

—Frank Pinello

Best Pizza, Brooklyn

“There’s nothing worse than trying to stretch out a stiff, cold ball of dough that resists your efforts. If you’re using refrigerat­ed dough, give it at least an hour or two to relax at room temperatur­e. You can do this while your oven is warming up.”

—Ken Forkish

Ken’s Artisan Bakery, Portland, OR

“Many people are concerned with making a perfectly round pizza, but you don’t need to be. The pizza will taste great no matter what shape it is.”

—Nancy Silverton

Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

“I like to wait to add my cheese until three to four minutes before the pizza is fully cooked. It gives me the perfect cheese pull!”

—Daniele Uditi Pizzana, Los Angeles

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