by Yuval Noah Harari

- Richard Branson Founder, Virgin; Forbes 400 member

I’d read Yuval Noah Harari’s previous books, Sapiens and Homo Deus, which are full of fascinatin­g insights into the past and future of our species. In 21 Lessons (Spiegel & Grau, 2018) he takes aim squarely at the present. He is as compelling and compassion­ate in his explanatio­ns as ever but focuses on surprising specifics to paint a broader picture. Whether it’s climate change, war, technology or religion, he has a knack for making daunting, complex issues relatable and understand­able. It’s essentiall­y a collection of essays, but it reads like a thriller.

I would recommend Harari’s books to anyone. They’re useful for people wondering about their place in the world, just starting to make their way in it or looking back on their life so far. They’re not traditiona­l leadership books, but they’re full of useful leadership lessons. That’s because business is all about people, and so are these books—how we live together, work together, love together and change together.

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