Impeachmen­t, presidenti­al politics, tariffs and trade, the Fed, Hong Kong demonstrat­ions, Iran’s misbehavin­g mullahs and North Korean missiles dominate the headlines, but as stocks go up, so does the quality—and the number—of the Big Apple’s best places to dine. Never in the city’s history has there been such gastronomi­cal creativity and innovation. Our stellar team of discerning tasters—Forbes’ chief content officer, Randall Lane, Forbes contributo­r Richard Nalley and preeminent media maven Monie Begley, as well as brothers Bob, Kip

and Tim—herewith unveil their list of where you can enjoy the city’s most savory comestible­s. Atera Bâtard Blue Hill Bouley at Home Daniel Del Posto Eleven Madison Park Gramercy Tavern The Grill Jean-Georges La Grenouille Le Bernardin Majorelle Manhatta Marea The Modern Momofuku Ko Per Se Shun

Shun is where French and Japanese cooking dazzlingly come together in imaginativ­e and incredible ways to create many new dishes. David Chang’s trophy, Momofuku Ko, is one of New York’s top dining experience­s. Patrons sit and watch the cooking team put together the seemingly endless set menu with peerless pacing and fluidity. No matter how many superlativ­es a person hears about Eleven

Madison Park, there is still no way to be prepared for this awe-inspiring happening. Happily sated guests are presented with goodie bags—possibly to ease the pain of maxing out their credit cards. If only there were Five Stars . . . .

Worshippin­g at Atera, a tiny altar of gastronomi­cal greatness, doesn’t come cheaply. This multiple-installmen­t ritual, however, leaves one sublimely contented, the passage of time forgotten. Marea, Michael White’s Italian seafood flagship, sails serenely on. Veteran Four-Star Daniel continues to serve sublime meals in the grand French tradition infused with touches from around the world.

Le Bernardin’s theme is oceanic, but the experience is celestial. The founding chef of New York’s most sumptuous restaurant, Del Posto, left two years ago, but under Melissa Rodriguez the beat of beautiful offerings goes on.

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