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Readers weigh in on our November cover: Bernard Arnault, the $100 billion man.

The impeccably tailored Bernard Arnault, chief executive of French luxury powerhouse LVMH, graced the cover of our November 30 issue, newly enshrined as the world’s third-richest man, with a $100 billion fortune. Famed and disdained in equal measure for his often predatory business instincts, the family man— four of Arnault’s five children work under him, by all accounts harmonious­ly—has spent the last several years engaging in a variety of corporate partnershi­ps and acquisitio­ns that have helped LVMH’s stock, along with his own net worth, soar. Famed: “Absolutely genius and deserving of his success,” wrote reader Stanley Lam on Facebook. “Inherits and sells the family constructi­on business to reinvent himself into a fashion powerhouse.” And disdained: “Bank your own hustle . . . don’t bank his,” wrote Stephanie SH, also on Facebook. “Nothing [Arnault] sells is a necessity for the middle class, or anyone, really. His products have huge carbon footprints. Nothing to celebrate here except his hustle. He’s not leaving the world a better place.”

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