Want to send someone a love note from Stormy Daniels or a get-well message from Charlie Sheen? Devon Townsend can hook you up. His marketplac­e Cameo sells personaliz­ed videos from thousands of minor celebritie­s and aging sports stars. A video from Brett Favre costs $500. One from the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld? $60. Celebs name their price and take 75%—Cameo gets the rest, pocketing “tens of millions” a year. In 2014 he quit Microsoft to travel with friend Cody Ko. While globe-trotting, they launched a Vine account that got millions of views. Requests for personal videos revealed an unmet market: “We’ve tapped into something in the American psyche.” The investor psyche too—Cameo has raised $65 million-plus from Kleiner Perkins and more. —Biz Carson, Brianne Garrett, Michael Nuñez

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