Arthur Kuan is going viral. He’s the CEO of Santa Ana, California, biotech company Cold Genesys, which geneticall­y modifies viruses to attack cancer and, as an added benefit, bolsters your immune system against it. The former venture investor encountere­d Cold Genesys as a founding member at Hong Kong healthcare fund Ally Bridge Group. Fascinated by the science, Kuan, who holds a master’s in biotechnol­ogy from Johns Hopkins, joined Cold Genesys as COO. When founder Alex Yeung retired in 2016, Kuan took over. He’s since launched clinical trials of the biotech’s bladder cancer treatment and has inked a partnershi­p to test its effectiven­ess with Merck’s immunother­apy drug Keytruda. Kuan says, “I’ve done a good job turning this science story into a real business concept.” In March he closed a $22 million series-C round with ORI Capital and Lepu Medical, which has the China license for its products. —Alex Knapp, Leah Rosenbaum

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