Magdalena Kala, a vice president at private equity giant Bain Capital, recently dyed her hair red to match the branding of Virgin Voyages. The new $3 billion cruise-line venture between Bain and billionair­e Richard Branson is looking to rock the industry’s boat—swapping floating theme parks for grown-up vessels (no children allowed), featuring modern design, high-end restaurant­s, rollicking nightlife, robust fitness programs and even tattoo parlors. Kala is an observer of the Virgin Voyages’ board, heads partnershi­ps with brands like Virgin Atlantic and Delta and is helping run its customer-targeting strategy and social media influencer campaigns. Raised in a Polish farming village with dreams of an American education, Kala emailed 270 U.S. boarding schools for a scholarshi­p, landing at Pennsylvan­ia’s Mercersbur­g Academy and later Harvard. “I grew up right after communism ended, so being scrappy was very much a part of my childhood.” —Michael del Castillo, Antoine Gara, Jeff Kauflin, Nathan Vardi

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