30 Under 30: Men’s Grooming

Splitting hairs with the Forbes 30 Under 30, in 30 words or less.


Splitting hairs in 30 words or less.

Phil Wong, 30, and Brian Jeong, 30

Backed by $10.5 million in funding, New York’s Hawthorne provides a 23-question web-based quiz to help men select the right

cologne, shampoo and body wash.

Alex Tomic, 26, and Nik Mirkovic, 24

The Australian­s’ teeth-whitening gel took off after a Kylie Jenner sponsorshi­p. Jenner’s 2016 Instagram post has accumulate­d 1.8 million likes; HiSmile had

$100 million–plus in 2019 revenue.

Braden Handley, 29

Toronto’s Inkbox (funding: $14.1 million) makes temporary peel-and-stick tattoos for adults that last one to two weeks. An astronaut and a koi are among

the most popular designs.

Sarah Ribner, 30

In 2014, Ribner bootstrapp­ed natural deodorant PiperWai with cofounder Jess Edelstein. Their speed sticks took off,

and PiperWai has since added a deodorant cream and

underarm moisturizi­ng oil.

Kimberly Lewis, 28, and

Timothy Lewis, 29

This Chicago couple—Tim’s a former Who Wants to Be a Millionair­e

contestant—got $1.2 million in 2019 for CurlMix’s line of organic shampoos

designed for African-Americans.

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