From more than 15,000 nominees, Forbes honored 600 innovators and new talents across 20 industries for 2020 in our annual 30 Under 30 (December 31). Strikingly, some 48 percent are either immigrants or first-gen Americans. NBA fans congratula­ted the Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant—a 30 Under 30 alumnus and one of the issue’s five cover stars—for his hoops prowess and for his investment vehicle, Thirty Five Ventures. Durant, sidelined with an injury this season, has fed more than $15 million into 40-plus startups over the last few years. Tweeted @rhondah103­36222: “The important thing here is that this young black man who is a basketball phenom is also gifted enough in his business acumen to grace ForbesÕ cover.” Meanwhile, Under 30 Asia alumna Melanie Perkins, cofounder and CEO of designsoft­ware startup Canva, who also graced one of our five Under 30 covers, was lauded on Twitter for her easy-to-use product, a rival to Adobe. Tweeted @TytchMe: “Such a nice and approachab­le person. Here’s someone who truly empowered profession­als and individual­s to make their businesses more beautiful and effective at communicat­ing.”

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