The arrest of rapper 21 Savage, a U.K. native, by American immigratio­n authoritie­s last year dropped him squarely into a fervid national debate. Readers (mostly) lauded his subsequent advocacy for the Dreamer Act (DACA), and for his Bank Account Campaign, which teaches teens financial literacy.

@REYNAEMONT­OYA: “Several days ago @Forbes wrote a story on the DREAM TEAM ft 21 Savage. It was hard for me to share since my heart hurts every time I think what would I do if #DACA were to be taken away and

I become detained.”

@VLUNA1021: “Thank you to @Forbes & @zogblog for including me as part of @21savage story & the 30 Under 30 Dreamer Team, a list of @Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni Dreamers who are leading initiative­s in the fight for immigrant justice.”


“Love that a celebrity is doing good. These classes and other fundamenta­ls should be taught at least [starting in] high school.”

TIAAN MARAIS: “‘The new voice of immigratio­n reform’: the hero we never

knew we needed.”


“I love this. It’s so important to teach financial literacy to teens so they can understand the importance of finances to establish a

secure future.”


“Undocument­ed? Try using that line to get a bank loan. No. These are

unvetted illegal aliens Democrats are incentiviz­ing to flood by the tens of millions into our schools, hospitals and communitie­s with more than $113 billion a year in taxpayer-funded free health care, education, housing and legal services.”


“Lots of opportunit­y to teach subjects like

[financial literacy]. Unbelievab­le how many teens don’t have these skills when they reach

their twenties.”

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