Elon Musk’s new nemesis.


From the quintessen­tially Middle American town of Normal, Illinois, 37-year-old R.J. Scaringe is pedal to the floor and gaining on Elon Musk. Our March 2020 cover star’s car company, Rivian, is a growing presence in the electric-vehicle market. With an early-year valuation north of $5.5 billion, the 11-year-old Rivian—which is gearing up to make electric trucks, vans and SUVs—hopes to release its first 20,000 vehicles next year and aims for 250,000 per annum by 2025. Jeff Bezos is a believer: Amazon led a $700 million investment last year to help Rivian produce electric delivery vans. But the internet seems firmly in Elon’s corner. On Facebook, Josanne Landry wrote, “I don’t think Musk is overly concerned about a guy who has yet to produce one vehicle and only plans to match Tesla’s current production by mid-decade.” Via Twitter, @hiadamob stressed the virtues of cooperatio­n over competitio­n. “I hate that everyone is playing @Tesla and @Rivian against each other. They’re on the same team. @elonmusk and @RJScaringe will be sharing secrets before long. They want the same thing.”

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