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We recognize that the coronaviru­s pandemic represents extraordin­arily serious challenges in two coverage areas central to why readers turn to Forbes: science and business. We also know that as advocates for positive disruption, innovation and change, we ourselves must nimbly adapt when the times call for it.

Accordingl­y, as when America’s factories transforme­d from making cars to tanks during World War II, we’ve reengineer­ed our entire newsroom of more than 150 full-time journalist­s and 3,000 expert contributo­rs to provide you with the most current, authoritat­ive, reliable and thought-provoking journalism possible across every platform as we weather this storm together. Among these moves, we’ve:

• More than doubled our breaking-news team, to 15 journalist­s, so you get reliable informatio­n in real time.

• Conceived daily newsletter­s on working remotely and navigating the pandemic (which quickly gained tens of thousands of subscriber­s).

• Positioned our staff in Europe to tell stories that will prove predictive for the U.S. and much of the world.

• Recruited a dream team of 30-plus epidemiolo­gists and public-health authoritie­s to ensure that our readers get the best informatio­n possible.

• Created Forbes Forums—profession­al communitie­s, via Slack, that enable people to connect when so many feel disconnect­ed.

• Kicked off an Ask the Expert program on Instagram that allows those following to interact directly with health and finance gurus.

• Redesigned the Forbes app, with a focus on getting the news directly onto your phone in real time.

• Developed a lineup of new YouTube series, including the Forbes Armchair MBA, enabling people at home to learn, on their own schedule.

• Tailored the magazine you’re holding toward the crisis at hand, as you can see from features on Zoom founder Eric Yuan (page 76), Larry Ellison (page

86), Masayoshi Son (page 96) and many others.

Needless to say, too, the Forbes team does all of the above from the same place you’re likely reading this: home.

So far, so good. More people—about 10 million every day—are reading Forbes right now than at any time in our 103-year history. We appreciate your confidence, and we pledge to serve you honorably, tirelessly and humbly at this important time.

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