- By Jon D. Markman

Like them or not, Apple’s iconic white AirPods have become

ubiquitous, spawning a vibrant ecosystem for component

suppliers like Varta. The best way to play this

trend with a public company is Qualcomm, which designs semiconduc­tors for the next era of low-power wireless communicat­ions.

Its newest chip designs, aimed at the mass market, integrate active noise canceling and mirroring.

For wireless earphones, this means immersive sound and more reliable connection­s for voice controls

like Siri and Google Assistant at an affordable price. Qualcomm logged 2019 sales of $24.3 billion, up 7.3% yearover-year. The company signed an agreement last April with Apple to supply wireless technology. At a recent $68, the shares are excellent value.

Jon D. Markman

is president of Markman Capital Insight and the editor of Fast Forward Investing.

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