According to Doug Foreman


Quibi is a newcomer to the streaming-media Gold Rush, but

Netflix, with 67 million subscriber­s in North America and 100 million (and rising fast) abroad, is the blue-chip. Billionair­e founder Reed Hastings will spend $20 billion on content in the coming years to expand his streaming lead. “It’s game over, and I think it has been for a number of years,” says Doug Foreman, chief investment officer of $33 billion (assets) Kayne Anderson Rudnick. Although Netflix bears latch onto its cash burn— $3.3 billion in 2019—Foreman

expects the already profitable company to become cash-flow positive “with ease” by 2023. Netflix shares have gained in the brutal 2020 stock market and will continue to do so in a cooped-up global economy.

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