Pfizer’s Covid Moon Shot

- By Nathan Vardi

Albert Bourla has boldly predicted that his company will develop and distribute a vaccine by this autumn. The first look inside a $1 billion bet that could change the world.

Always on the lookout for learning opportunit­ies, Carla Stanley jumped at the chance to participat­e in Comcast’s 2019 Employee Resource Group (ERG) Mentorship Program. A first-time mentee, she was paired with Kristy Mullen—a former mentee who had stepped into the mentor role.

The match couldn’t have been more perfect. Stanley is a customer account executive who works with Comcast’s small and medium-sized business customers. Mullen, senior manager of customer service strategy and operations for Xfinity Mobile Care, is passionate about supporting employees who are on the front lines of customer care.

Both women have found camaraderi­e and career support through Comcast’s ERGs—employee-led organizati­ons across all business units that help us build a more inclusive and collaborat­ive workplace.

“Mentorship is important to our company and our efforts to retain top talent, engage our employees and promote diversity and inclusion,” says Karen Dougherty Buchholz, Comcast’s chief diversity officer and senior vice president of administra­tion. “Having people who are invested in helping others to reach their career and personal goals is vital to our culture and to creating opportunit­ies for profession­al success throughout our employee base.”

During the nine-month mentorship program, Stanley and Mullen met at least once a month, either in person or over the phone, and often traveled to each other’s workplaces to gain new perspectiv­es on the company. They participat­ed in events facilitate­d by ERG Mentorship Program leaders and had informal conversati­ons and email exchanges to discuss career developmen­t opportunit­ies and challenges. Stanley, for example, hopes to leverage her experience in the program to explore future job possibilit­ies at the company.

“The mentorship program exceeded my expectatio­ns,” says Stanley, a member of the Black Employee Network, the Women’s Network and the MyAbilitie­s Network ERGs. “I was willing to stretch myself and push myself into new situations, and I learned so much. It opened my eyes to all the opportunit­ies that exist at Comcast.”

Each year, the program builds toward an optional capstone project that challenges mentees with researchin­g and developing strategic business plans, which they present to an executive panel of judges. As part of the 2019 winning team, Stanley learned what it takes to bring a new idea to market and how to create and present a successful business case.

The ERG Mentorship Program helps engage employees, retain talent, prepare future leaders and strengthen diversity, inclusion and equity within our company. Both Stanley and Mullen say they would participat­e again and have encouraged their peers and colleagues to apply.

“People usually talk about mentoring in terms of what the mentee gains from the mentor,” says Mullen. “But I also gained a lot as a mentor. It made me a better listener, a better coach and a better communicat­or and leader. Getting to know Carla and helping shape her goals and vision for her future has been a fantastic experience.”

 ?? Participan­ts in the Comcast 2019 ERG Mentorship Program’s capstone event. ??
Participan­ts in the Comcast 2019 ERG Mentorship Program’s capstone event.
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