Norwegian billionair­e Kjell Inge Rokke made his fortune emptying the oceans of oil and fish. Now he’s building a superyacht to tidy up the mess. Noble, or a mere reputation­al “greenwash”? Readers were divided.

CHRIS FLAHERTY: “This is a classic move out of the Carnegie/Rockefelle­r playbook. But usually they wait until they have consistent negative press and perception before they make a steward-of-the-environmen­t play.”

@NELO_SIMON: “Good luck on his discovery. It’s always good to try something new. [Rokke’s] intentions and motivation­s are really interestin­g.”

@OUTWARD_RANT: “The Titanic was an experiment in grandeur also. The world has a way of testing out experiment­s.”

SALIL MUSALE: “Not really inspiring after the damage caused.”

@MONKEYWRNC­HARMY: “This is a basic function of how capitalism works. Destroy and exploit everything, and then offer platitudes about how you can fix it. We are doomed.”

@WEIZHANGAT­MOS: “‘I’m part of the problem,’ [Rokke] admits. I’m sorry he looks at it that way. He provided fish and petroleum products for people who wanted those things. And many people drive their car to eat fish, then complain about overfishin­g and climate change at dinner.”

SHIRELLE PEARSON: “Better late than never! Kudos for doing what you can to reverse the harm you cause.”

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