In­tro­duc­ing ATEM Mini

The com­pact tele­vi­sion stu­dio that lets you cre­ate pre­sen­ta­tion videos and live streams!


Black­magic De­sign is a leader in video for the tele­vi­sion in­dus­try, and now you can cre­ate your own stream­ing videos with ATEM Mini. Sim­ply con­nect HDMI cam­eras, com­put­ers or even mi­cro­phones. Then push the but­tons on the panel to switch video sources just like a pro­fes­sional broad­caster! You can even add ti­tles, pic­ture in pic­ture over­lays and mix au­dio! Then live stream to Zoom, Skype or YouTube!

Cre­ate Train­ing and Ed­u­ca­tional Videos

ATEM Mini’s in­cludes ev­ery­thing you need. All the but­tons are po­si­tioned on the front panel so it’s very easy to learn.There are 4 HDMI video in­puts for con­nect­ing cam­eras and com­put­ers, plus a USB out­put that looks like a we­b­cam so you can con­nect to Zoom or Skype. ATEM Soft­ware Con­trol for Mac and PC is also in­cluded, which al­lows ac­cess to more ad­vanced “broad­cast” fea­tures!

Use Pro­fes­sional Video Ef­fects

ATEM Mini is re­ally a pro­fes­sional broad­cast switcher used by tele­vi­sion sta­tions. This means it has pro­fes­sional ef­fects such as a DVE for pic­ture in pic­ture ef­fects com­monly used for com­men­tat­ing over a com­puter slide show. There are ti­tles for pre­sen­ter names, wipe ef­fects for tran­si­tion­ing be­tween sources and a green screen keyer for re­plac­ing back­grounds with graph­ics.

Live Stream Train­ing and Con­fer­ences

The ATEM Mini Pro model has a built in hard­ware stream­ing en­gine for live stream­ing via its eth­er­net con­nec­tion. This means you can live stream to YouTube, Face­book and Teams in much bet­ter qual­ity and with per­fectly smooth mo­tion. You can even con­nect a hard disk or flash stor­age to the USB con­nec­tion and record your stream for up­load later!

Mon­i­tor all Video In­puts!

With so many cam­eras, com­put­ers and ef­fects, things can get busy fast! The ATEM Mini Pro model fea­tures a “mul­ti­view” that lets you see all cam­eras, ti­tles and pro­gram, plus stream­ing and record­ing sta­tus all on a sin­gle TV or mon­i­tor. There are even tally in­di­ca­tors to show when a cam­era is on air! Only ATEM Mini is a true pro­fes­sional tele­vi­sion stu­dio in a small com­pact de­sign!

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 ??  ?? ATEM Mini $295 ........... ATEM Mini Pro $595 .......... ATEM Soft­ware Con­trol Free ..........
ATEM Mini $295 ........... ATEM Mini Pro $595 .......... ATEM Soft­ware Con­trol Free ..........

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