HEAD­QUAR­TERS: Wash­ing­ton, D.C. FOUNDERS: Rick Kit­tles, Gina Paige (CEO) EM­PLOY­EES: 13

The at-home ge­netic-test­ing mar­ket has been on an up­swing dur­ing the pan­demic, help­ing boost busi­ness for African An­ces­try. “There’s a Black pride re­nais­sance hap­pen­ing as a re­sult of in­jus­tices against Black peo­ple,” says Paige, 53. The 17-year-old com­pany’s data­base, which con­tains some 33,000 in­dige­nous African DNA sam­ples, has been used by roughly 1 mil­lion peo­ple, in­clud­ing Oprah Win­frey (who shares DNA with the Kpelle peo­ple in Liberia) and the late Chad­wick Bose­man (who dis­cov­ered ties to the Limba of Sierra Leone). Rev­enue has surged by two-thirds since March and should hit $8 mil­lion this year.

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