Chang­ing busi­ness prac­tices is hard. Chang­ing mind­sets is harder. We get it. Ask­ing peo­ple to set up shop with an eye to the big­ger pic­ture is a huge ask. So is ex­pect­ing some­one with a fam­ily to shop for some­thing other than price. But the choices that we make and the ques­tions that we ask have an im­pact: Every time a cus­tomer says, “where is it made?” a clerk hears the ques­tion. Even­tu­ally, so does the boss. The laws of sup­ply and de­mand will do the rest. When we de­mand more do­mes­tic mak­ing, the sup­ply of ben­e­fits to all of us will be­gin to freely flow.

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