Buy, Hold, Sell

Snap up that Manhattan pied-à-terre; sell the Chevy.


1946-68 Dodge Power Wagon

An Army truck toned down for the road, the civilian model still has the torque to pull tree stumps all day. Good examples go for $50,000 to $70,000 but

are in high demand.

Nyetimber’s 1086 Prestige Cuvée

Grown in soil similar to that of Champagne, this English wine is challengin­g its French counterpar­ts. Northern climes are warming; admission to this up-and-coming bottle starts at $250 and

will go up from there.

Portuguese Hotspots

Lisbon and Porto are the Nashville and Austin of Europe: Google has already

set up shop in Lisbon; expect more companies to follow. Affluent tech buyers will do wonders for

property values.

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