The Black Widow

- By Daniel Silva

The Black Widow

(Harper, 2017) is the 16th of Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon thrillers. The series begins with Allon, an Israeli ex–intelligen­ce operative, living a quiet life as an art restorer. He’s soon called back into the game to hunt down terrorists. I’ve always been interested in espionage, but before the pandemic, I had little time to read. In this installmen­t, Allon is about to become the chief of Israel’s secret intelligen­ce service but ends up back in the arena when an ISIS operative detonates a bomb in Paris. As Allon tracks down the man responsibl­e, The Black Widow shows, in methodical, step-bystep detail, how he does it. Each book in the series is self-contained, though Silva’s character developmen­t is so intoxicati­ng that you want to start the next one as soon as you finish. It’s great escapism, a different kind of entertainm­ent. There’s only so much TV you can watch.

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