Dean Solon got hooked on the Magic Kingdom as a kid in the 1970s and most years takes his family twice. Here are some of his favorite corners of the Orlando paradise.

Carousel of Progress

“Walt’s creativity was all over it. The ride is all about America innovating and moving into the future with hope and optimism. We need more of that.”

Contempora­ry Resort

Solon prefers to sleep inside the park at the 655-room luxury hotel famous for the monorail running through its lobby. “I’m captivated by the enormous mural by a Disney designer, Mary Blair, who was instrument­al in making the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride.”

Liberty Tree Tavern

This Frontierla­nd all-you-can-eat joint is one of Solon’s faves. “One time I asked a worker what they do with all the leftover food. Turns out they convert it into biodiesel—that’s why when you’re behind a bus at the park sometimes it smells like French fries.”

The “Utilidors”

“Underneath the whole park is a maze of passageway­s and shortcuts via utilidors”—short for utility corridors.

“I would love to go on a tour of them, but it might destroy some of the magic—like seeing behind the curtain.”

The Gift Shops

“I’ve had Fendi and Gucci wallets, but the best one, which I’ve been carrying for 10 years, is my $11.95 Mickey Mouse murse.’’

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