Readers cheer (and jeer) the top 0.00001% getting richer—much richer.

Decades after their social-network idea was allegedly poached by Mark Zuckerberg, identical twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, cover stars of our April/May issue, have finally become billionair­es on their own terms. The cryptocurr­ency savants are getting rich(er) off early investment­s in Bitcoin and through Nifty Gateway, their digital-art auction platform that is riding the recent mania for nonfungibl­e tokens. Some readers remain unimpresse­d with the “Winklevii,” former Olympic rowers and Harvard grads whose lives have not exactly been Dickensian. “Finally! I have been worried sick for years,” wrote Josh Kaplan on Facebook. “What if they spent their whole life with only $900 million like a bunch of peasants!” Similar snark: “They were born rich and then they invested,” tweeted @karengeier. “Wow, incredible story.” Others noted that regardless of one’s privileges, attaining dual ten-figure fortunes is still a feat. Observed Charlos Sanchez on LinkedIn: “As much as there is an intrinsic feeling to dislike billionair­es, you can’t help but admire these two brothers for their entreprene­urial zeal.”

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