Despite the devastatio­n of the pandemic, the world’s richest had an incredible 12 months. Our annual ranking of the globe’s largest fortunes listed a record 2,755 billionair­es, worth an aggregate $13.1 trillion. On average, a new billionair­e was minted every 17 hours over the past year. Readers were of two minds about the news.


“It’s absolutely disgusting that homelessne­ss exists, never mind food banks, when the number of billionair­es triples* each year.” *Actual figure: Up 31.5% over 2020. —Ed.


“So grateful to Forbes for providing us with a menu for when we get ready to eat the rich.”


“Love it. All this billionair­e energy! Shout-out to the women billionair­es! Congrats to the males as well. I am an upcoming billionair­e. See you at the top.”


“Out of all of them, the only one making a major impact for the future is Elon Musk.”


“Thank you for working hard & all the jobs you guys have created so thousands of people have health insurance, food on the table & better education.”


“List the amount of taxes they paid next.”

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